Advanced technical assistance for machines and equipment for ice cream shops, bars and pastry shops

Our services do not end with the delivery of your space. NewCol is a guarantee and, therefore, thanks to our expert, competent and qualified technicians, we are always ready to provide you an excellent and effective after-sales technical assistance in any situation and for any type of machines and equipment not only for ice cream shops, but also for bars and pastry shops.

In fact, customer satisfaction is always our priority.

If there is the need of special spare parts for any type of machine, they will be sent to you within a few days; if there is the need of technical assistance for equipment or for a particular part of a furnishing for ice cream shops, bars and pastry shops, we will try in every way to help you giving you advice on what to do and, if this is not enough, we will quickly send you one of our specialized technicians to permanently solve the problem.


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