From the design to the assembly of furnishings for ice cream shops and more: our services for you

The high quality that is noticed in the furnishings for ice cream shops, bars and pastry shops designed by NewCol is the result not only of the expert work behind it and the great dedication of all the employees involved, but it is also due to the perfect service network guaranteed, thanks to which it is impossible to miss even the smallest details and it is possible to perfectly achieve the furnishings desired by the customer..

Our services are designed for the full satisfaction of all the needs that may arise; from design to assembling.

This service network, in fact, starts from the study and design of furnishings for ice cream shops, bars or pastry shops, following the guidelines desired by the customer; the next step is the construction and production, which are always checked and followed to avoid any slight error; once the smallest parts have been completed, our specialized technicians proceed to the transport, assembly and installation carried out in accordance with the best practise; finally, we are always available to guarantee the customer the best after-sales assistance to meet any customer need, at any time it arises.


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