Our main references

Here are some of our latest and most important furnishings, which have allowed our company to become known even more, thanks to the word-of-mouth of customers who have spoken with knowledge, enthusiasm, with figures and certainties.

4ice - Saarbrucken

Buonissimo - Bayreuth

Buonissimo - Hoxter

Buonissimo - Lauf

Buonissimo - Nurnberg

Cantina Refrigerata - Mansu

Capri Eis - Stuttgart

Eis Cafè - Breisach am Rhein

Eis Cafè Centrale San Marco - Oldenburg

Eis Cafè Cortina - Landsberg

Eis Cafè De Covre - Alzey

Eis Cafè De Lazzero - Homburg Saar

Eiscafè La Fontana Berchtesgaden

Eis Cafè Milano - Rostock


Eis Cafè Piccola Venezia - Hechingen

Eis Cafè Rialto - Wiesbaden

Eis Cafè Trieste - Bayreuth

Eis Cafè Veneto - Neu Ulm

Eis Cafè Venezia - Bremenhaven

Eis Factory - Bad Soden


Eis Smeralda - Haag in Oberbayern

Gelateria Pizzeria Italia - Cuxhaven


Gelateria allo stadio - Belluno

Giobatta - Conegliano

Gran Cafè Vittoria - Donaueschingen

La Cikera - Forno di Zoldo

Pizza Punto IT - Wiesbaden

Rialto Eis Boutique - Dinkelsbuhl

Rialto Eis Boutique - Kunzelsau

Rialto Eis Manufaktur - Wiesbaden

Self Service - Vicenza


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