Construction, supply and sale of cold rooms, industrial refrigerators and refrigeration systems

In addition to the sale of furniture, also the construction and supply of industrial cold rooms and refrigerators plays an important role, as they can have various dimensions, so as to best adapt them to your spaces.

A prefabricated cold room is always complete with a stainless steel bottom, a door with key, compressor, evaporator, hermetic and single-phase condensing unit, with air, 230 V, running on R404A gas, connection materials, an electrical control panel and an internal lamp.

Thanks to these cold rooms and industrial refrigerators, which are perfectly suited for commercial refrigeration, it is possible to preserve food in the long term and in the best possible way, in large quantities.

In addition, our company is also known for the excellent construction of refrigeration systems that always accompany the supply and sale of a complete furnishing or individual components of it, such as a cold room, a refrigerated counter or a refrigerated display case. All our refrigeration systems are characterized by their durability, energy saving and low environmental impact.



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